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Protect Your Home from Unexpected Leaks

Water damage from leaks is more than just a minor inconvenience—it can be a devastating problem that threatens the safety and integrity of your home. Even a small leak can escalate quickly, leading to severe flooding that puts your possessions at risk and undermines the structural stability of your property. Fortunately, there's a reliable way to protect your home from such disasters: leak detectors. These cutting-edge solutions monitor your home for signs of leaks, promptly identifying potential problems and automatically shutting off the water supply to prevent catastrophic damage.

At O'Leary Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, we safeguard homes in East Troy and surrounding areas against water damage. Our skilled technicians are thoroughly trained in the complexities of leak detector systems and equipped with the knowledge and tools required to install the sensors, shutoff valves, and other components. We take immense pride in offering a service that provides peace of mind, knowing that your home and valuables are protected from unexpected water damage.

If you're considering enhancing your home's safety with a leak detection system in East Troy and surrounding areas, contact us at (262) 314-4566 or online.

How Do Leak Detectors Work?

Leak detection systems continuously monitor water flow throughout your property’s plumbing network. Their primary function is to safeguard areas of your home that are prone to leaks but might not be regularly visible—such as behind washing machines or under sinks. These locations are often overlooked yet are typical hotspots for potentially disastrous leaks.

These innovative systems use advanced sensors strategically placed to track water movement and pressure. The detectors can quickly identify deviations that may indicate a leak by analyzing the pipes' typical flow patterns. 

In addition to flow sensors, many leak detection systems have moisture sensors. These sensors are crucial because they can detect the presence of water in areas where it shouldn't be, which is often a sign of a leak.

The system reacts swiftly when a leak is detected, whether by abnormal water flow or detected moisture. It is programmed to shut off the main water supply to the house automatically. This quick action prevents extensive water damage and the associated repair costs.

Overall, a well-integrated leak detection system provides peace of mind by safeguarding your property against unnoticed water leaks and the associated damages.

Installing Leak Detection Systems

Our approach to installing leak detection systems begins with assessing your property. This initial evaluation is crucial as it allows our team to understand your home's layout and plumbing infrastructure. During the assessment, we identify prime locations for the system’s components, enabling proper functioning and providing optimal protection against leaks.

We handle every aspect of the setup, which includes:

  • Wiring the system
  • Programming it to meet your requirements
  • Integrating it into your main water line

The duration of the installation process varies depending on the complexity and configuration of your home's plumbing system. Still, our team is equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to facilitate a smooth installation.

Our team works with various brands and products, including:

Why Our Team Stands Out 

At O'Leary Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, our credentials speak volumes about our commitment to quality and reliability. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we uphold high standards of professionalism in every project we undertake. We are a family-owned company spanning three generations. Our deep-rooted history gives us a unique understanding of the local needs and preferences, which guides our approach to service and customer care.

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