How Water Softening Can Lead to a Cleaner Home


The last way you want to spend your spring and summer days is by scrubbing down your home. Though we can’t promise you’ll ever be able to put the housework to the side, we can tell you that we might have a solution for all the extra scrubbing you might be doing lately, and that’s with water softening.

See, when your home’s water quality is suffering, and hard water is present, you might think it affects your drinking water — but it can also have an impact on your cleaning, water usage, and more.

So, if you are continually rewashing dishes, clothes, or don’t feel like your counters or bathtub is getting that squeaky clean feel, here are a few ways signs that it’s time to consider water softening:

Soap Scum

Yes, soap scum can occur with hard water or not, but if you feel like every inch of your bathroom is covered, hard water could be to blame. The minerals in hard water (when mixed with water), can create a layer of scum that can be hard to tackle with your everyday cleaning products — which makes you scrub harder than you should.

The Need for More Detergents

Do you ever feel like you are running out of laundry detergent or dish soap? Does it seem like the recommended amount just won’t do the job? Just like the soap scum that forms in your bathroom, hard water is mixing with your cleaning agents, not entirely doing the job you intended it to do. Additionally, it’s leaving minerals and detergent behind, too.

Spotty Dishes

Your dishes are not immune to hard water, either. If your dishwasher is leaving a film on everything, or your wine glasses are spotted and cloudy — it might be time to check your water quality. With soft water, your regular dish detergent should leave you with clean, sparkly dishes with minimal effort.

Appliances Are Wearing Out

Mineral deposits (or scale buildup) can clog your plumbing, ultimately shortening your dishwasher and washing machine’s lifespans. Besides the possibility of clogs, not to mention the extra work they have to do to get the job done, it’s also putting more wear and tear on them and leading to higher water waste (since extra rinsing is required).

The best solution to ensure you are getting the best clean you deserve is by getting your water tested. Contact O'Leary Plumbing, Heating & Electrical to find out more about our Water Softening Services.
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