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The Benefits of Having Low Flow Fixtures

Low Flow Fixtures

You may think of bathroom fixtures as something you choose from an aesthetic standpoint, more than an economic perspective. Sure, a price point might be in mind, but for many, the idea of water conservation isn’t always their first thought or priority. Low flow fixtures are modern toilets, faucets, and shower heads that use significantly less water than their outdated counterparts. Making the switch to low flow fixtures can save water, energy, and money!

Low flow fixtures are increasingly becoming available in a variety of colors and styles. From toilets to showerheads, here’s why opting to go low flow is the way you’ll want to go.

Benefits of Installing Low Flow Fixtures:
  • Decreased water waste - Low flow fixtures are specifically designed to limit water waste. The average low flow fixture expels around half the gallons per minute than a standard fixture. Add that up over time, and you can save about a thousand gallons of water per year!

  • Energy Savings - The less water you use, the less energy required to heat it. For instance, if you are an avid hot shower taker, electricity is needed to heat that water. Not only that, but the decrease in the need to heat your water is followed up by a reduction in the use of your water heater, extending it’s lifespan and putting less wear and tear on it, too.

  • Reduced utility bills - As you may have figured out by now, low flow fixtures will allow you to use less electricity and less water, leaving you with a decrease of the amount owed on your utility bills. That’s more money in your pocket to use elsewhere within the house.

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