What These Spooky Heating Sounds Really Mean

Spooky Radiator

With Halloween right around the corner, many find themselves in a festive mood preparing for the day. Though you may be carving pumpkins, or covering your porch with cobwebs and witches, the one unexpected spooky part of your home that you’d preferably not experience, is the sounds that might be coming from your heater.

A few quieter noises here and there are normal. However, if your home suddenly sounds like ghosts from a horror movie, here’s what could be going on:

A Sudden Boom

If you are noticing a boom or bang coming from your furnace, it could be two things: a delayed ignition, or expansion or contraction of your metal ductwork. If you notice that the source of the sound is the heater, a delayed ignition is most likely the cause, and you’ll want to get it repaired quickly before it does further damage.

Shaking and Rumbling of the Home

If your home’s furnace shakes or rumbles when its cycle is complete, it may be caused by oil that is still burning after the burner shuts off. If it’s a rumble you are hearing, you could have issues with your flame sensor, pilot light, or the burners. Either way, these should be fixed right away.

Rattling Noises

There are a few rattling noises your furnace can make, and they often have different causes. If you hear a sudden noise when it the furnace kicks on, it could be a cracked heat exchanger. This is not only hazardous to your heater but could lead to carbon monoxide issues. If you are hearing a rattling and metal like scraping, it’s often due to blower wheel issues, such as the wheel itself coming loose, a piece of the heating system coming loose, or a broken motor.

If your heating is filling your home with sudden yet spooky sounds, O'Leary Plumbing, Heating & Electrical is here for all your heating issue needs. Schedule a free price quote when you contact us (262)314-4566!

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