3 Signs Your Heating Ducts Need a Repair

Dirty Air Ducts

Your air ducts are what helps your HVAC system distribute air. When working correctly, they will disperse clean, even air throughout your home. However, when issues occur, you might start noticing noisy, uneven air temperatures — and more. So, to ensure you are always getting quality air and a comfortable, evenly cooled home, here are three signs that it’s time to get your air ducts repaired:

1. Constantly Dusty Home

One of the most visible signs of an air duct issue is the increase of dust in your home. When your ducts leak, not only will the cooled (or heated) air leak out, but dust and dirt will be let in. In fact, excessive dust can eventually lead to a damaged system and lower your air quality.

2. Your Central Air System is Noisy

Often, when your air ducts need repair or replacement, you may notice banging, whistling, or other odd noises occurring when your system turns on. This could be due to poor insulation that leads to sagging or bending. Another common cause for all the noise is closed vent dampers. No, we’re not talking about closing one damper, but when you close several at once, it could lead to a noise increase — not to mention added stress on your system.

3. You Have Inconsistent Temperatures

Noticing a particular room in your home that is colder or warmer than the rest? Several issues can cause uneven temperatures; more often than not, it’s coming from a problem with your air ducts. If your energy bill has also been on the rise, you may have a leak. Check to see if any of your ducts are blocked by furniture; if they aren't, it's time to consider calling for a repair.

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